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Are you paying the price of being too organised?

Less is more when it comes to your mailbox folder structure.

Most of us would love to be more organised. Yet, at Email Handyman we have learned that less is more when it comes to your mailbox folder structure.

The price of being organised

We like staying organised. It’s what keeps us sane in the daily hustle and bustle of business life. When it comes to productivity, Email might as well be known as the "serial killer application". It has become our single most important business tool, yet we pay little attention how to properly use, email in our day-to-day work. One area where many users unwittingly lose valuable time is in creating and maintaining their folder structure.

How did this happen?

Back in the day when Email rose to prominence as a business tool, most of us dived right in, using it as a virtual version of the shelves with folders in the office. And that made a lot of sense. After all, you wanted to be able to find correspondence back if you needed to. The ease of creating folders led to an explosion in folder structures. And that’s where problems began. With so many folders to choose from, we ended up spending more and more time on managing folder structures and filing. And when a message came in that would suit multiple folders, people would either put it in one folder and hope they’d remember it (potential future time loss), or make multiple copies to put in each relevant folder (definite time loss). Inadvertent mouse drags would occasionally cause messages to be dropped in the wrong folder - fancy going looking for those?

The game changer: Search

With Email traffic having grown exponentially in the last two decades and