• "Email most important office tool"

    While new technologies have emerged in the workplace, none have figured out how to top good ol' email in the 'importance' department.

    Greg Finn reports on Pew Research Center study 


    “One of the very best, most useful and practical workshops I have ever attended! An absolute recommendation to everyone; from General Manager to Trainee, from Marketing to Logistics. GREAT!!”

    Govert van Beuningen, Controller Professional Products Division – L’Oréal

  • Does this sound like you?

    • Your inbox is always overflowing

    • Your computer and smartphone are continuously buzzing with email interruptions, keeping you from your “real” work

    • Managing email is taking more time than it should

    • You’re losing sight of what’s important in all the clutter

    • You keep falling behind, and everybody seems to be waiting for a response

    Wouldn't you rather that..

    • You empty your inbox every day, using your desktop or smartphone to quickly process everything that comes in

    • You have more oversight of your tasks and pending requests; you feel more calm and in control

    • People know they can depend on you to respond on time and meet deadlines

    • You work quickly and efficiently, without distraction

    • Email helps you, not hinders you; it’s not taking over your life, leaving you plenty of time for the “real” work you do

    We can help!

    • Through training for yourself or your team
    • In-house and online workshops
    • In 7 languages in over 10 countries worldwide
    • Short and practical workshops
    • Suitable for all email clients, including mobile devices
  • What we do

    We offer a number of ways to learn about better, more efficient email and time management!


    Our most popular type of training is the group workshop, hands-on sessions that take place in your office. We work with groups of no more than 10 so that our trainers can give personal attention to each participant. We won’t bore you with the theory: our workshops are purely practical. Participants bring their computers along, and by the end of the 2-to-3-hour session, each participant leaves the room with their web and smartphone email accounts already optimized for easier email management –the simple management methods that keep this process simple and virtually automatic already internalized. In addition, they have a list of the most important tips and tricks for their individual needs.


    We also offer personal coaching in 2-hour sessions at your desk.  This is, of course, the most comprehensive and personal way to overhaul your emailing and general time-management habits. Without any need to focus on other workshop participants, this session is 100% about you and improving your individual workflow. 


    For a less intensive experience, we offer casual talks where we share tips on better email management in a 1-2 hour lecture.  These talks are intended as light entertainment over lunch or during a town-hall meeting. This is the best format for one-session trainings for larger groups.

    In addition to the trainer-assisted workshops, we also offer online workshops, which offer a flexible and scalable way to learn about the Email Handyman method. When you sign up for the online workshop, you will be given access to about 2 hours’ worth of videos and interactive reading that will help you increase your skills and learn tips & tricks at your own pace.

  • What they say

    “One of the very best, most useful and practical workshops I have ever attended! An absolute recommendation to everyone; from General Manager to Trainee, from Marketing to Logistics. GREAT!!”

    Govert van Beuningen, Controller Professional Products Division – L’Oréal


    “This is the best time management class I have ever taken. Too many of them talk about theory, and you end up falling back into bad habits. I would highly recommend this course to anyone!”

    Thomas McMahon, Talent Acquisition Manager – Akzo Nobel US

    “I started immediately with the new folder structure and found the workshop of great value, so did the others. There was a lot of enthousiasm of the group regarding the format, some came up the same day stating ‘I have only 1 email left in my inbox!’.”

    Nadia Zegers, Management Assistant M&S – DSM Fibre Intermediates


  • More...

    Part of our speedmailing approach is good use of keyboard shortcuts. Like any top athlete or musician knowing how to use your everyday tools properly can deliver a great productivity boost. Check out our favourite keyboard shortcuts for Outlook, Gmail and other clients.

    Tipbar gone missing? You can download a DIY version here.

    We spend a lot of time on our mobile devices trying to increase our efficiency. It can be a great help but also a serious distraction. We believe in simplicity and effective use and include smartphones and tablets in our workshops. Also we developed the Braintoss app which was designed for a single purpose: to take down ideas on the go.

    Richard’s book Speedmailing is a short read that summarises the way of dealing with email in a practical and easy to implement guide that helps you turn you work enemy into your best work tool. The book is available in stores and or as an optional addition to workshops and lectures.

    Learn more about why we do what we do and check out our list of books, handy articles and other sources.

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